Dennis Lee is a character in the series The Life and Times of Juniper Lee.


Dennis Lee (voiced by Alexander Polinsky) is Juniper's older brother who does not take June or Ray Ray seriously and usually calls them names. He loves manga and video games and does not like anyone touching his stuff. In "Not in my Backyard", it is revealed that Dennis never gives June a turn in his video games (he says if monkeys fly out of his butt, she will have a turn, which will never happen). Also, when he saw that Ray-Ray got one of his comics books, he didn't like it at all. In "The World According to L.A.R.P.", he's been known to take stuff out of June's room, which annoys her. In "Sealed With a Fist", Dennis has grown to trust June after they work together with Boomfist and the heroic team of H.A.T.E. to defeat the villainous team of L.O.V.E. Initially he had no clue of the magical on-goings of his house and would always be mind wiped if he stumbled upon such. However he became immune to the memory dust and was eventually let in on June's Te Xaun Ze duties, becoming an asset to her. Is said to be quite skilled in magic as his main hobby is LARP-ing and the fake magic used for it is actually based off real ones. Voiced by Alexander Polinsky.